Waste Water Treatment Systems

Waste water Treatment

In order to ensure the health and sustainability of the worlds fresh water reserves, it is critical that domestic sewage and industrial wastewaters are adequately treated before being released back into the environment. In the developing world in particular, much of the wastewater produced is released untreated back into rivers, lakes and the sea resulting in pollution of otherwise healthy water environments.

Untreated wastewater results in the spread of pathogens that are harmful to humans and animals using the affected water, and in oxygen depletion that directly impacts fish and other organisms required for healthy aquatic environments. Kingsley Hydrotech, together with its technology partners, is an expert in advanced membrane-based wastewater treatment systems that are robust, reliable, compact and cost-effective. Challenge us to treat your wastewater.

Kingsley Hydrotech’s MBR design has been proven in some of the most demanding marine environments, such as oilrigs and cruise ships, where operating efficiency and reliability is paramount and space is at a premium. The water produced from our MBr systems can be easily reclaimed and re-use by combining one of our standard package RO plants to produce high-quality potable water.