Package Plants

Package Plants

The term package treatment plant (herein referred to as Package Plant) is used to denote relatively small-scale treatment plants (usually under 500 kℓ/d), that are not constructed as permanent structures, but rather as movable units. Typically a package plant is pre-assembled or assembled on site on a structure such as a container. Our Package plants are made up of conventional, as well as advanced treatment processes.

The concept of a package plant is that it must be a self-contained unit that is capable of producing water of the required quality from the raw water source. We also develop these plants as a rapid way of meeting the demand for treated water in situations where treated water is not available or is a temporary need, e.g. construction sites.

Kingsley Hydrotech seeks to promote the use of Package Plants to meet the needs of rural or isolated communities for water supply where the construction of a conventional treatment plant would not be feasible. This type of plant is also used to provide an emergency water supply in crisis situations.
The Benefits directly associated with our Package plants can be summarized in a few simple points, these include;

  • Ideal for remote locations
  • Lower day-to-day maintenance and simple operation
  • Cost-effective alternative to “in-ground” treatment plants
  • Transportable to practically anywhere.

Package Plants are a cost-saving engineering, installation, operation and maintenance solution to the crisis of Water treatment, both waste and drinking water alike. With this knowledge to consider, Kingsley Hydrotech’s service is fundamental to crisis aversion and general improvement of living conditions in underdeveloped regions.